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The Brave Martyrs for Bengali

The exact number of death in the Language Movement and especially on the day of 21st February has never been recovered. This was due to the government’s effort to conceal the actual numbers of casualties and to control the consequences and reactions of the aftermath. Several witnesses confirmed that the police picked up some dead bodies from the streets.  At midnight, soldiers of the Pakistan Army seized some bodies from the Morgue at Dhaka Medical College. The bodies left at the morgue were not counted then and this also included the injured people who died at the hospital later.

Some of the Martyrs 

However, during the midst of the curfew, two brave students of Dhaka Medical College dared to follow army personnel who had seized some bodies. As a result, the graves of those martyrs were discovered and till today, we are able to continue to pay our respects to the fallen who were buried in Azimpur graveyard.

However death of 8 Brothers has been confirmed with/without identification. They are;

Martyrs > Abdul Jabbar

Rafiquddin Ahmed

Abul Barkat


Abdul Awal



Shafiur Rahman

Abdus Salam

Age 33 yrs 26 yrs 25 yrs 26 yrs 34 yrs 27 yrs
Martial status Married Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Married Bachelor
Father's Occupation Farming Press Business Un known Un Known Superintend, Post and telegraph office Un known
Own Occupation Job Press Business Student Rickshaw puller Staff,
Dhaka High court
Peon, Director of Industries, Dhaka
Educational Qualification Junior school Intermidiate Masters Student,
Political Science
Unknown Law dept. student, D.U Un known
Permanant/ Local
Pachua, gafargaon,
19, Hafizullah road, Dhaka. Konnogar,
Chobbis Porgona, West Bengal/ Roghunath Das Lane, Dhaka.
Lakhmipur, Feni
/ 36 B Nilkhet barak, Dhaka.

Another Young boy (Identification unknown) along with Abdul Awal, were run down by Military Truck on 22nd February 1952. Military government press note said that the event 'might have' been an accident but the reports were never published.