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The First Martyrs Monument (Shaheed Minar)



The first Shaheed Minar (Martyrs Monument) built in memory of the martyred Bhasha Shoiniks (language soldiers) is no longer in existence. Even today, the Shaheed Minar is a place for Bengalis to hold anti fundamentalism meetings and cultural programs. What most of the people are unaware of is the temple we have today is not the original temple that was built at first. The first temple was built in 1952 in a different place nearby. 

To commemorate the death of those who were killed by the police during the protests held on February 21st,  on the night of 22nd February, Assistant general Secretary of Student Union, Golam Mowla called leaders and the students to built a Temple in memory of the Language Soldiers who laid their lives and requested to start it that night. 

At that moment, construction work was going on in the Medical College and there was a huge stock of brick, cement and sand. One of the Medical College students named Badrul Alam (Late,  Child Specialist) was asked to make a design of the temple and he submitted it within an hour. The temple was 10" in height and 6" in weight. Instantly a few changes were brought in the design by another student leader (assumed to be Syed Hayder). 

The work started at 23rd night by students standing one beside one creating a1200 feet moving bridge in the cold weather of February. The building of the temple was completed within one night.

Later while remembering the events of the night, Retd. Cornel S.D. Ahmed said "we forgot all our pain in excitement of the work... when we reached our room we found that we couldn't move our fingers ....Later a picture of the Shaheed Minar was taken." Father of Late Language Soldier, Shafiur Rahman inaugurated the temple on 24th February.

A big cloth was draped in front of the Shaheed Minar. People started to visit the temple and give flowers to show their respect to those who laid their lives. They also contributed money on the cloth.

However on 25th February, armed police surrounded the Shaheed Minar and Medical College and broke the temple on February 26th.There ends the existence of the first temple built in respect of the Martyrs.


he very first Shaheed Minar (Martyrs Monument) built by the students. It was demolished by the Government within 72 hours.